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Are looking for a home remodeling company in Sioux Falls? Freedom Builders is here to help with remodeling your existing Sioux Falls area home. We can take your home remodeling idea and turn it into a reality. From drawing up a floor plan, to the last finishing touch. Freedom Builders construction company Sioux Falls will be there every step of the way. We have been in the home remodeling and construction business for over 10 years. We at Freedom Builders strive on making our customers happy with their home remodel. We understand that remodeling a home can be a pain and very difficult if done by the wrong home remodeling company. Freedom Builders wants to make your home remodel a positive experience. We have the know-how and Sioux Falls home remodeling experience that can make your exiting home into your dream home. Let our Sioux Falls home remodeling experience put you at ease when creating your dream home.

What types of home remodeling do we do?

Freedom Builders has worked on a number of home remodeling projects. Whether you are looking to remodel the kitchen, bath, basement or adding a 3rd stall to the garage, Freedom Builders can help. We have been in the home remodel and construction business for over 10 years. Our guys have over 20 years of experience in the business. There is not much we can’t handle. Here is a quick breakdown of  few home remodel services we provide.

Interested in seeing some of our previous remodeling projects? Here are a few completed projects on bathrooms, kitchens, decks and more.

Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-1 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-1
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-2 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-2
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-3 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-3
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-4 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-4
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-5 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-5
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-6 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-6
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-7 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-7
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-8 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-8
Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-9 Sioux-Falls-Home-Remodel-Company-9